"The foot is a masterpiece of engineering"                              -Leonardo Da Vinci

..... yet sadly the most neglected part of the body

A single Foot is made up of 26 Bones, 33 Joints, 107 ligaments and 19 muscles. Such complexity deserves due attention and support in order to become a true asset to the body.


Ask yourself this: Do you feel feet receive the focus deserved to harvest the full power and dexterity they are capable of? If this part of the body is harnessed it can create the foundation for the rest of the body to excel to the next level in practicle all sports.


The density and complexity of the foot structure allows it to function efficiently in many planes which has fascinated physicians and engineers.


With the tensile functionality of the Plantar facia, subtlety of Pronation and flattening of the Transverse Arch this allows the foot to perform initial shock absorption.


The toes, which control this function, allow the structure to become a rigid lever and energy efficient propulsion system. 


For this system to work optimally with the vast number of components, it needs to be aligned and trained correctly.


With the tools available from BaseFeet, this can be achieved.



BaseFeet - Where we come from

BaseFeet came to life after its creator, Jason Large (outdoors athlete and alpine ski coach) incurred a foot injury whilst fell running. During the initial diagnosis and rehabilitation stage, it was realized that apparatus available for developing and enhancing the most important part of most athlete’s body were rather poor. 


Jason then set about designing tools which aid the foot and ankle's recovery from a wide range of injuries in conjunction with Dr. Donna Strachan (experienced practitioner in elite sports environments including RFU, FA, EIS, British Athletics and RYA and was selected as one of only 6 chiropractors in the UK to work at the Athlete’s Village in the London 2012 Olympics). 


The result was the creation of a range of apparatus which support the foot's long term development, improving it's strength, control and stability for athletes by encouraging muscle activation and proprioception.


Located in the NorthWest, BaseFeet tries where possible to source its materials and products locally and utilising local business. We strive to be environmentally responsible with all of our processes and products.


Foot Enhancement Exercise Tools



Recent Events

Winter Riding

Heading out for some classic walesh climbs...

La Rosiere

Ski touring off the beaten tracks to find the steeps and deeps.


Austria,  Pre seasion training camp and enjoying the sights at 3440m

Scafell Decent

3 Peaks Yacht Race

Hope Valley

Touring in the Peak District

Yr Elen

Training run in Snowdonia

Penon, Calp, Costa Blanca, Spain

Different winter climbing!!

Dual Slalmon

British School Girl Championships

Flaine, France

Mt Buet

Ski Touring Chamonix

3440m, Pitztal Glacier

Snowsports October Camp

Basefeet assisting with gaining some of the unique summits of Yosemite, California. Eichorn's Pinnicle, Yosemite

Basefeet assisting with gaining some of the unique summits of Yosemite, California.

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