The Balance Pipes are predominantly used for intrinsic foot strengthening and therefore are recommended to address "flat feet" or pes planus, dropped arches, foot eversion, mid foot and forefoot strength and stability, transverse arch strengthening, dropped metatarsal heads and hallux valgus.

Balance pipes are the perfect tool for athletes wanting to build foot intrinsic strengthening that is very often neglected. Most sports are now realising the importance of this muscle group and how it can give the winning edge in many disciplines from the Martial Arts to Fell Running to Golf. 

The Balance Pipes are also designed to be used to "roller" the plantar fascia. Pipes provide an optimum platform to work the foot's plantar fascia and transverse arch that normal aperatus are not able to focus on.

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Exercises - Intrinsic Strengthening

Always conduct all exercise with advice from your practitioner, know your boundaries and utilise common sense. For support during exercises use one or two poles (i.e. walking or ski poles), if appropriate a door frame can provide support.



  • Exercise 1:  Stand with both feet lengthways on the pipe, feet parallel, shoulder width apart.  Balance with neutral foot position.
  • Exercise 2: "Balance Pipe Vele" - Stand as above and keeping the whole body in line, lean forwards from the ankle joint but keep the whole foot intact with the pipe ( i.e. don't lift the heels)  You should note the toes flex and become active and you should feel the muscles under the foot engaging.
  • Exercise 3: Balance Pipe Squats.  Stand as in Ex 1 and perform a body squat maintaining balance
  • Exercise 4: Heel Raise Squats.  Repeat the above but before starting the squat, raise the heels off the pipes, balancing on the balls of your feet.  Maintain this foot and ankle position throughout the body squat.


Exercises - Plantar fascia

Plantar fascia roll.


To roller the right foot:

  • Exercise 1: Place the left foot on the Balance Pipe longitudinally.  Place the right balance pipe perpendicular to the left one and place the right foot on it so your get are parallel.  Balance on the left predominantly and roll the right foot back and forth to work the plantar fascia. Place an increasing amount of weight through the right foot as you gain balance.

 Switch orientation of Balance Pipes to work the left foot.





More exercises and videos coming.

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