Pivot Plates

Independent foot multiplane balance and manipulation tools.


The Pivot Plates are predominantly designed to address ankle strength, control and stability by encouraging foot and shin muscle activation.


The Pivot Plates are recommended for post ankle strain, ankle laxity and to improve ankle proprioception.



We supply two levels of Pivot Plates, Reds and Blacks, depending on the client's needs. The size of the fulcrum and varied height gives the two sizes distinct characteristics and allows the practitioner to decide what level is most appropriate for the client.


Pivot Plates can be used to focus on strength and balance or rehabilitation. Starting with very simple exercises which do not requiring any strength or balance but which instead focus purely on the movement of the foot and ankle joints, and then progressing on to advanced balance exercises aimed at building muscle and improving proprioception.


RRP £26   -  Online discount and package prices availble. Please email us direct to order:- info@basefeet.co.uk



Exercises - Strength & Balance

Always conduct all exercise with advice from your practitioner, know your boundaries and utilize common sense. Use on a soft non-slip surface with adequate support relevant to the skill level of the operator. Most people use one or two poles for support (i.e. walking poles or ski poles), or even simpler stand in a door way if practicable.



Place the balls of your feet directly over the pivot point​ - this encourages increased foot and shin muscle activation and avoids the foot being placed in a bad or "lazy" position on the plate.

Improvement is gained by ensuring your movement is not being dictated by the Pivot Plate.


  • Exercise 1: Swivel the feet back and forth within a "10 to 2" range on a clockface.  Maintain the feet in parallel to do this.
  • Exercise 2: Maintain one foot in a neutral position and swivel the other foot back and forth.  Repeat on the other side.
  • Exercise 3: Rock the foot back and forth from front to back but ensuring neither plate nor foot touches the ground at any point.  Do this with the feet in parallel
  • Exercise 4: Repeat exercise 3 but one foot at a time maintaining the other foot in a neutral position.
  • Exercise 5: Have someone throw and catch a ball to you whilst on the pivot plates maintaining balance.  Alternatively use a wall to bounce the ball off (tennis ball is ideal).

Exercises - Rehabilitation

All rehabilitation is highly individual and specific to circumstance. Always conduct all exercise with advice from your practitioner, know your boundaries and utilize common sense.


Simple mobility exercises can start with zero load on the foot and ankle joint.

Whilst seated in an appropriate chair, adopt a stable, neutral posture; gently rock the Pivot Plate back and forth. Then move on to a sideways movement, rolling the foot and ankle joint from side to side.

Use the Pivot Plate to rotate the ankle joint. Maintain control by ensuring edges do not touch the ground, or stretch more and keep in contact with ground at all times. 


You can gently alter amount of forces acting on the foot and ankle by placing your foot across the whole Pivot Plate or by moving it so that the foot and toes are over the centre point.




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